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Superior Plumbing strives to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price. Family-owned and operated since 1983, we take a personal approach to every project and offer you a superior customer experience. We are licensed, fully insured, and proud to serve all Orange County and the surrounding areas.
We are Orange County’s full-service plumbing company of choice. Our team of highly skilled technicians are committed to resolving all of your plumbing needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are experts in the installation, maintenance, and repair of common household projects, as well as emergencies. Customer service is central to our mission, which is to provide a superior-quality customer experience.





We offer complete commercial plumbing solutions, always at fair and reasonable rates. We’ll ensure your business’ plumbing system runs to perfection, offering high-quality craftsmanship and efficient service. Our seasoned team specializes in repairs, maintenance, emergencies, and more.
About Us 
Superior Plumbing strives to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price. Family-owned and operated since 1983, we take a personal approach to every project and offer you a superior customer experience. We are licensed, fully insured, and proud to serve all Orange County and the surrounding areas.

Our Experience

With 35+ Years of experience, you can trust that we’re capable of handling almost any plumbing adventure you can imagine. From minor leaky faucets to major disasters—we’ve seen it all. Superior Plumbing takes pride hiring the best; rest assured, our master plumbers have the knowledge to quickly handle any project.


Our seasoned staff undergoes continuous training to serve you better. We have vast experience servicing all types of equipment, using the industry’s latest and best techniques. No matter the task, you can count on us to provide the highest quality of service in the most efficient manner.


Superior utilizes heavy-duty, quality equipment and the latest technologies. In addition, our service technicians come prepared with many common implements used for everyday applications. You can trust that Superior Plumbing will come prepared to complete your project correctly the first time.
Saving You Money, and Time is What We Do Best!

Every month, Superior Plumbing offers special discounts on the purchase and installation of select products for your residential or commercial property. Check back regularly to see the latest monthly special for your home. Contact us today to take advantage of this great deal!


This Month’s Special Offer
Currently, Superior Plumbing is offering a Special on all those pesky shut-off valves underneath your faucets and toilets at a GREATLY REDUCED price of $65 each*!! This price is for a top quality 1/4 turn valve and a stainless steel supply tube. Call now to schedule an appointment.
*Note: This special price is when the technician is on the job performing other tasks 

High-Quality Plumbing Services in Orange


Performance You Can Trust

For the past 32 years, Superior Plumbing Services has proudly served Orange and the surrounding areas in all aspects of residential plumbing. We have the hands-on knowledge to inspect, repair, and resolve any plumbing issue in your home. Whether you are in need of water heater repair or drain cleaning services, our experienced and friendly plumbers will effectively resolve your plumbing issues in a timely manner.

Superior Plumbing Services has plumbers in Orange who are fully committed to every customer while performing trustworthy services.


Many of the residential services that we provide include:

  • Installations: Our talented Orange plumbing technicians tackle all kinds of installations from basic installs to tricky fixtures as well as retrofits and remodels.
  • Maintenance and repair: We offer and perform expert services that can improve your system in many aspects such as cost, performance, and efficiency.
  • Pipe work: We have years of experience with repairing and restoring piping systems. Superior Plumbing Services has a dedicated team of specialists who always provide a fast service.
  • Drain cleaning: Drain cleaning can become expensive, but our team will work with you to provide the most affordable and honest price for a top-quality cleaning.
  • Water heaters: If you are looking to repair or clean out the buildup in your water heater, or you want to replace your water heater altogether, we can help you take the next step.
  • Sewer repairs and installations: There are many warning signs that your sewer might be in need of repairs, such as recurring odors, constant backup, or rodent/insect problems. We are also happy to offer advice on the best practices for upkeep of your sewage system.

Other Services We Offer

  • Water filtration system installs and repairs
  • Installation of water softeners as well as repairs
  • Hot water re-circulation
  • Tankless water heater install and repair

Using Superior Equipment to Deliver Superior Service

Many things go into play when it comes to performing top-quality services. Not only are our expert plumbers regularly trained, but we ensure that the equipment and tools that we use are up to date and the best assistance for the job.


Orange Fixture Plumbing Installations 

Experienced & Dedicated to Quality Services 

Orange has a rich history along with beautiful homes and buildings. It is important to take initiative in replacing old plumbing by installing new systems and plumbing fixtures. You need a knowledgeable and trustworthy plumber to meet your home’s needs. At Superior Plumbing Services, our quality technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience.

Call us today to discuss your Orange plumbing installation needs!

Our skilled plumbing team can help with new:

  • Kitchen sink installations
  • Toilet installations
  • Faucet installations
  • Shower & bathtub installations
  • Draining pipe installations
  • Other fixtures or plumbing systems

Which System is Right for Your Home?

We know that each household has different water, monetary, and practicality needs. That is why we offer a wide variety of brands, makes, and models to provide custom solutions to your home. We are familiar with accessible design plans and are prepared to personally offer a variety of affordable solutions. Our company is a fully licensed and bonded, family-owned company. It is our goal to provide you with a reliable, affordable plumbing system or fixture installation.


Why Choose Superior Plumbing Services for Fixture Plumbing Installation?

Professional installation is key especially when considering issues such as water efficiency, long-lasting pipe materials, water pressure, available space, and cost. We are happy to help if you have any questions about how to install new plumbing in your home, particularly in areas such as the kitchen, or need to tackle the bathroom sink or shower. Our highly-qualified Orange plumbing technicians take into account plumbing codes and regulations, building schematics, and pipe construction materials to find the most cost-effective system that fits the needs of your home. We can even check to see how to connect new plumbing fixtures to your old system.

Committed to Quality Products & Service

Superior Plumbing Services offer a parts and labor warranty and is trusted to provide warranty technicians for Bradford-White Water Heaters, Sloan Flushmate, and Wolverine Brass. We have certified, personable, and caring employees whose goal is always customer satisfaction. Many of our customers call back to thank us for our professional and reliable service.


Orange Plumbing Maintenance & Repair

Serving the Orange County Community Since 1983

Leaky faucets, broken drain lines, and faulty water pressure can really throw a wrench in the day’s plans. As local Orange plumbers, we want to make sure your home’s pipe system is functioning properly all day, every day. Whether it is a simple maintenance visit to prolong your plumbing system’s lifespan or an emergency repair, Superior Plumbing Services can help. We are renowned for our punctuality, personable employees, quality technicians, and affordable prices.

Call (714) 744-8045 to learn more about how our team can help you with your plumbing system.


Plumbing Maintenance in Orange

The best way to keep your water flowing smoothly is professional maintenance. When you call Superior Plumbing Services, we will work with you to send one of our highly experienced and licensed plumbers to promptly assess your home’s plumbing systems. We have completed hundreds of thousands of Orange plumbing maintenance jobs over the past 34 years and know how to provide expert care for your plumbing system and fixtures, whether it involves clearing out pipes, identifying corroding components, or tightening loose parts. Our technicians use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate your system, diagnose potential issues, and offer solutions to prevent long-term damage.


Repair Services

When the garbage disposal breaks, the toilet malfunctions, or the pipes are so clogged that they backflow, it may be too late for a routine maintenance call. Call Superior Plumbing Services for help. For more extreme plumbing repair needs, we will send one of our certified and experienced technicians throughout Orange to resolve the issue in an efficient and professional manner.

 We service a wide range of brands, including:

  • Moen
  • Price Pfister
  • Delta
  • Kohler
  • American Standard
  • Grohe
  • Hans Grohe
  • Newport Brass
  • Toto
  • Gerber
  • Briggs
  • Bradford-White
  • American
  • A.O. Smith
  • Rheem
  • Navien
  • Noritz
  • Rinnai
  • Insinkerator

Pipe Work in Orange

Services for Your Home’s Plumbing System

Having worked for nearly 35 years in Orange, Superior Plumbing Services has experience in servicing just about any pipe work problem you will face. Our hand-picked master technicians have over 100 years of combined experience and are fully prepared to answer questions you may have on your home’s specific pipe work dilemmas.

Call our team at Superior Plumbing Services for a free phone estimate on Orange piping and repiping services


Pipe Work Problems

With many homes in the Orange area having been built in the early part of the 20th century, the pipes for many of these buildings can be facing serious issues as a result of normal wear and tear. The pipes in homes older than 40 years have been found to be corroded, rusty, leaky, and in some cases, laced with lead. These effects on piping in older Orange homes can be an inconvenience to live with and dangerous to health.

Some signs that it is time to call Superior Plumbing Services for your pipe work include:

  • Low water pressure
  • Foul-smelling water
  • Discolored water
  • Particles appearing in water
  • Frequent clogs or leaks

Common Causes for Pipe Deterioration

No matter how resilient a pipe system is, eventually it will need cleaning, repair, and even replacement. Some of the most common issues, such as frozen pipes, pipe flow issues, and broken pipes are all clear indicators of a problem. If you experience this, it's time to have a professional Orange plumbing pipe expert take a look at the problem. The combination of salt concentration, the hardness of water, pH levels, temperature, and time all contribute to chipping away at your piping system. The metal alloy combination that comprises your specific pipe system will impact the speed at which it corrodes.


How We Can Help with Your Pipe Work Issue?

Here at Superior Plumbing Services, we have made it a priority to help you replace and repair old, worn-out pipes. We use modern equipment to evaluate your home’s pipe work and diagnose precise issues. Our highly experienced and qualified Orange plumbing technicians will personally articulate the process with you to keep you informed, protect your pipe work’s effectiveness, and provide affordable solutions.


Orange Drain Cleaning Services

Providing Experienced & Affordable Help

It is common for drains to become clogged over time as the soap, debris, hair, and food scraps pass through the sink or bathtub. If you are noticing that your drains are clogged or water is draining slowly, it could be an indication of a problem. Clogged drains can put pressure on the pipes and plumbing system, creating future issues. Our Orange plumbers at Superior Plumbing Services can provide you with a quick, effective, and helpful drain cleaning services.

By resolving clogged drains, you are able to prevent:

  • Leaks underneath sinks
  • Burst pipes
  • Growth of mold and mildew
  • Bacteria building up in bathtub or sink
  • Potential structural problems

Our team at Superior Plumbing Services have been serving the community for nearly 35 years. The licensed and certified plumbers on our staff are here to make sure your clogged drains are fixed quickly. We understand many people want to fix a clogged drain as affordably as possible, that is why we offer reasonable rates for our services. Having a professional plumber resolve your clogged drain means you are able to avoid potential issues that could be caused by chemical drain cleaners or ineffective methods.


Preventing Further Damages

Clogged drains can be an indication that there is a problem with your main line, which will require a professional Orange plumbing expert to come and address the issue. The sooner one of our technicians can provide service, the greater a chance we can minimize the damage. By cleaning and taking care of drain problems early on, we are able to help you prevent future damages and clogging.


Orange Water Heater Repair & Installation Services

The Skilled & Experienced Help You Need

At Superior Plumbing Services, we take great pride in our 30+ year history of providing customers with dedicated, high-quality service in all areas of plumbing, including water heater expertise. If you are looking to replace an old water heater system, repair worn-out parts or simply ask a question, then Superior Plumbing Services is your answer!


Top-Quality Repairs

We service a variety of brands, makes and models of water heaters. After 34 years of experience, we have successfully repaired countless different issues. We are well-prepared to diagnose problems your heater has and offer clearly defined and reasonable solutions. Although we know when a water heater is in need of repair, you may be wondering how you as the homeowner can know when it is time to make the call.

Find out which of our quality products best suits your needs! Call us at (714) 744-8045.


Some common symptoms of a malfunctioning water heater in need of repair include:

  • Water has a strange odor or color
  • Tank valve is leaking
  • Water consistently takes too long to reheat
  • Hot water consistently runs out
  • Water is excessively hot or steaming
  • Hot water simply does not work

Each of these symptoms could have various different causes, some simply being that the water tank is not effectively suited to your home’s needs, and some being more serious problems, such as corrosion or pressure build up. If you notice these symptoms, your water heater is malfunctioning and it is crucial that you call one of our expert Orange plumbing technicians to come and service your water heater as soon as possible.


Installation Services for Maximum Efficiency

Frustrated with your old, inefficient water heater? Our Orange water heater service technicians are highly knowledgeable and trained to assess your specific needs and offer the best, most affordable choices from our wide range of product options. We strive to make sure you are informed of all your options as well as the specific steps in the installation process.

Once you have made your decision, our expert technicians will arrive in a timely fashion, prepared with all the necessary parts and equipment to install your new heater correctly the first time. We make sure to communicate with you in a professional, personable manner from start to finish, with upfront pricing, and answers to any questions you have throughout the process.


Regular Maintenance Extends the Life of Your System

As with any plumbing appliance or fixture, routine maintenance is the best way to ensure long-lasting and efficient products. You can expect our plumbers to arrive with the adequate diagnostic, cleaning, and repair equipment to thoroughly assess your water heater and any issues it may face. We will tighten loose parts, repair or replace worn-out components (i.e. the anode rod or thermostat), and check for any potential future damages. Call to find out specifics on our maintenance procedures and affordable prices.

Sewer Repairs & Installations in Orange

Call Superior Plumbing Services for a Free Phone Estimate

Sewer leaks, backups, and breaks are not only extremely inconvenient but potentially hazardous to your health, due to the spread of bacteria. If you notice the drains in your house are backing up, call our expert Orange sewer repair experts to address the issue as soon as possible.


Count On Us When You Need Sewer Repairs, Fast

When used correctly, sewage lines typically last for a significantly long time. However, no plumbing system lasts forever, and older sewer lines are prone to damage.


Common causes of sewer line damages include:

  • Corrosion
  • Tree roots
  • Foreign objects wedged in the pipes
  • Grease

When you notify Superior Plumbing Services of a backed up or broken sewer line, we will discuss with you the specifics of your situation, using state of the art diagnostic technology to precisely locate the blocked drain, or cracked pipe. We will utilize effective repair strategies and be sure to inform you of our process each step of the way, allowing you to make the final decisions without secret costs.

As Orange plumbing technicians, we have experience using a variety of methods, such as hydro-jetting, to rid your sewage line of roots, grease, and foreign objects. We also have several affordable, time-efficient options for replacing or repairing corroding pipes. Our goal is to provide expert, communicative service to protect you from health hazards and repair your plumbing to a comfortably functioning system as quickly as possible.


Sewer System Installations

Sewer installations can be a massive, time-consuming project, especially without adequate understanding of the process. It is vital to contact a professional who is trained in analyzing blueprint schematics, evaluating the best pipe and construction materials, and utilizing appropriate construction tools effectively.

Having completed hundreds of thousands of jobs in Orange County, our plumbers are licensed, certified, and hand-picked for their adept understanding and application of pipe repairs and installations. We will personally work with you, and communicate specifically with you throughout the process to ensure it is done correctly the first time in an affordable and timely manner.



Thank you Superior Plumbing. When ever we have a need for a plumber we always call Jamie at Superior Plumbing. Last night@ 7:30 PM we had a disposal leak, we called Superior and asked for Jamie. By 9:30AM today the disposal was fixed. Everything was left neat and clean. This is the kind of service all of us would like to have, and Jamie always has given us this service. If you have a Plumbing problem, I would strongly suggest calling Superior Plumbing and ask for Jamie.

  Karen T. Irvine, CA 9/27/2012


Susan and I want to thank you and Jamie for your quick action and superior service that you provided today. Everything is back to normal and there is peace in our household.

    Bob & Susan Orange, CA 8/22/2012


Jeff, you came to our house to a ligt a pilot light and check on flow of water in mater shower. We talked about ways to get hot water to the shower faster. Well, you may think what you did was simple, but you increased the water pressure in the shower several fold. Unbelievable! But more unbelievable is now the hot water gets to the shower in what seems to be seconds. Many, many thanks.

  Richard & Karen Irvine, CA 8/13/2012


Water heater was busted and I had family over that wasn’t too keen on cold showers, so I took a chance and called Superior Plumbing after finding them on a general internet search. They were at my place in no time flat and fixed the problem with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Courtesy, professionalism, promptness and expertise = me being a return customer. If you want a no BS plumber, call these guys.

    Evan Placentia, CA


Superior Plumbing is great! I had a few problems with a faucet and a bath tub dripping. I finally got fed up with it so I called them. The person who answered the phone was really nice and helpful, and they were able to come out the same day. Prompt service and the plumber even had all the parts on the truck. They were very friendly, convenient and easy to deal with. I hope I don’t have anymore Plumbing issues in the near future, but if I do, I will definitely call them back.

  Jeff Orange, CA


Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures These guys are professional, knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. If you want no-hassle service, they are it. They are first class in every respect and worth it. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. No, I am not an employee nor an affiliate of Superior! Just one satisfied customer.

  Ben C. Cerritos, CA


Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures They were fast to respond to my service request, arrived at my home quickly and when they said they would. Jamie, the plumber was very professional and friendly. He thoroughly researched the issue we were having and did what he could to resolve another company’s poor workmanship. I am very satisfied with the work done by Superior and will call them again if I need a plumber.

  Review by a Neighbor Aliso Viejo, CA


I’ ve used Superior Plumbing on several occasions, from small jobs (running toilets, garbage disposal & leaky faucets) to large remodel jobs. They have always been prompt, polite, efficient, and honest. . They leave making sure everything is cleaned up and stand by their work 100%. I would definitely refer them to friends.

  Michele Orange, CA


I have been using Superior Plumbing for over 10 years now and they have always provided great service (both at my home and place of business) at a fair price. I trust them completely and would never call anyone else. Thank you George for running such a Superior company.

  Eric Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


I had a water heater emergency two weeks ago and Superior Plumbing came to my rescue. They were at the house with a new water heater within 30 minutes of calling them. They installed my new water heater quickly and efficiently. They never left a trace of them even being there. The situation could have been very damaging to my house if they had not arrived so quickly and worked so efficiently. Great professional work and pricing.

  Dylan Irvine, CA


I called Superior Plumbing to clear a bathroom sink drain and bathtub drain at my house. They came out only about an hour after I called them. The Plumber was really nice and friendly, he explained what he was doing while he worked, and gave me a few tips on what I can do to help keep my drains clear. The drain was flowing like normal within a few minutes of him being there. I was so impressed I referred my parents to Superior Plumbing and they called the next day and had them come out and replace their whole kitchen sink, kitchen faucet and their garbage disposal. I highly recommend Superior Plumbing for their great service, their great prices, and their helpful plumbers.

  Kristin Orange, CA


A late thank you. We had some blockage and Superior was recommended to us. Will came out and did a fantastic job of trouble shooting the issue and figured out what was wrong. Since then, not one problem has occurred. Give them a call if you have issues. Great crew for sure. Will also put up with all my questions as well! Great job!

  Tom Stein


Much thanks to George for his patience and explanations. Our Tech was Will who when I need a plumber again I will request Will. He also took time to explain to us and answer all our questions. We now have an American Made Hot water Heater and toilets that don't wistle or run. Thank you so much.

  David and Terri


George and his staff did exactly what they promised. I absolutely recommend their services. I have a rental property in Anaheim and they coordinated with my tenant and got the job done. They have very fair prices and I absolutely trust them. Thanks guys!

  Kelly Safran


Excellent service. I had a plumbing emergency on a Saturday afternoon. The shower would not turn off. Every plumber I called before them was either closed or couldn't make it out until the evening. George was very helpful over the phone. He came over right away. He not only fixed the problem quickly and efficiently, but explained to my husband exactly what happened and how. Superior's price was very reasonable as well. I would recommend Superior Plumbing if you need fast and efficient service.

  Penny Garcia


I am impressed by Superior Plumbing Services' responsiveness, professionalism, competence, efficiency, friendliness and communication skills. Within minutes after my call to the referral service "End Result" I received a call from Superior Plumbing. They immediately re-routed an available nearby technician, Jamie, who immediately engaged to diagnose the problem and fix with the old, leaky sprinkler shut off gate-valve. Jamie's hard work and experience identify the right approach to replace the old valve with a new ball-valve. I also asked him to check the house water pressure - it was high. I decided to ask for replacement of the house water pressure regulator, the house water turn off valve that had rusted, and a new hose bib. Jamie stayed on-site until the job was successfully completed and clearly communicated to me each element of his excellent work. I strongly recommend Superior Plumbing Services for your residential plumbing needs!

  John Leyerle


Superior Plumbing did a kitchen faucet change for me. Quick, thorough, good quality. Responded same day. Thank you!

  Amy Robinson



  Paul Manley Jr.


Professionals in every way. They care about there clients and work hard to keep there services affordable.

  Brook Hurd


Superior Plumbing got the job because they took the time to call me immediately. I am very impressed.

  Homeowner in Irvine,CA


Said what they would do, did what they said. I would recommend them.

  Homeowner in Santa Ana, CA


He does a great job and is very easy to work with. Everyone on his crew are great and very professional. They show up on time and are very clean.

  Leise R.


Very professional service and they arrived within the hour from when they were phoned. Friendly and informative technician. Will call them or any future plumbing needs.

  Nils L in Anaheim, CA


I have been calling George and Jamie at Superior Plumbing to fix my plumbing issues for years. The first time we called them was on a holiday weekend. We came home from church to find water running down our driveway. We thought we'd have to deal with the issue for days until someone would come out. Instead, Jamie came on a Sunday and George even brought us a new water heater from the warehouse so we wouldn't have to run around getting one ourselves with our infant. Another time they came out to save the day when the plumbing completely clogged up during our daughter's slumber party. I never hesitate to contact Superior Plumbing with any issue, big or small. They are honest, friendly, reliable, professional, and timely.

  E.C. in Huntington Beach, CA


Wow ! All I can say is impressed! Jamie came out and fixed our Leaky bathroom pipe and he was on time and had the job done in under 1 Hour. Used them before and we will use them again. Great Company! Thanks Jamie and Jeff!

  Susie P. in Orange, CA


Called Superior due to a clogged kitchen sink and leaky pipe. They were able to accommodate my schedule and arrived at my home within an hour of my call. They sent their plumber,Will, who is very pleasant and accommodating. He was able to put me at ease that he was more than capable of taking care of my problem. In less than an hour my drain was cleared and my leak repaired. Pricing was very reasonable and I will definitely be using Superior again should the need arise. Thanks for being ​so awesome!

 Donna G in Garden Grove, CA


If I could give them 10 stars I would! We just moved into our home a few weeks ago and wouldn't you know it we're already having some problems. My husband decided to "break" the shower the other day and we could not get the water to stop shooting out. We had to shut off the water to the whole house which was not ideal since I have two small children at home! I gave Superior Plumbing Services a call around 8am and was told someone would be able to come by later that morning. Only a few hours later Jeff came by and in no time was able to address the problem and fix it right then and there. No beating around the bush, no trying to sell me stuff I didn't need, no using terms I didn't know, just plain and simple here's your problem and here's how we can fix it. Thank you so much for everything Jeff and Superior Pluming. You can bet I'll be recommending you do everyone I know and you have a new customer for life..

  Ashley G in Anaheim, CA


Excellent service! I called with a sink back-up and had someone at my house within an hour. Jamie took a look at the problem and gave me a fair price before he moved forward. I mentioned a second issue that I wasn't sure he could fix. He explained how I would be wise, and save money, to wait on that and make the fix at the same time I was replacing a faucet anyway. I appreciate that their plumber, Jamie, was polite, tidy, honest and a very nice guy. I will definitely use them again.

  Marie C in Villa Park, CA


They came out quickly and prepared to fix a slab leak. They were organized and kept us informed about everything. Will has a great eye for details. I had another concern after the work was done and Jeff talked me through it on the phone.

  Frank T in Orange, CA


Superior Plumbing...the name says it all. Had an emergency with the shower drain, it took forever to drain, plus the "flush thing" in the toilet was not working properly. Called Superior Plumbing (after reading Yelp reviews), so glad we did. Their representative Jamie came, assessed the problems and gave us an estimate. He was very efficient, thorough and informative. He answered all my questions and gave great advise. Definitely recommend Superior Plumbing.

  RSN in Orange, CA


This is the 2nd time I've used them. Excellent service both times. Originally Steve came out (I found out he's now retired). This time I got Jamie who's equally good as well. On time, quality work. No pressure sales. So good I've scheduled a plumbing enhancement to increase my water pressure.

  Kyle M in La Habra, CA


That was the best shower I've ever taken in my whole life! It felt like taking a shower at a hotel. We had low water pressure for months now. The water would drip out of the faucet. To take a shower, I had to lean backwards avoiding the faucet handle to get my head underneath the shower head. We first called another plumbing company to help troubleshoot our problem, but this other plumber was more concerned with fixing our toilets rather than addressing our main problem so we sent him home. Then, we called Superior Plumbing, and man, there was a huge difference! Jeff came and I showed him the problem of the water slowly losing water pressure. Then, he literally fixed our problem in 30 seconds by putting our nonfunctional water softener into bypass mode. He didn't stop there, he went on to explain to us in detail the options that we had - leave it as it is, remove the water softener, or install a new water softener. He explained the pros and cons of each option and the price. Jeff also helped look at other water stains and issues in our house and gave us a very thorough consultation of problems that we had and how to solve them. Jeff is so caring, knowledgable, patient, and the nicest person ever. I was so pleased with the professional service that we got that I had to write this review. It's so hard to find skilled and honest people with affordable prices when it comes to house repairs and we are so glad we found Jeff. Thank you!/span>

  Jesse C in Irvine, CA


I have used Superior Plumbing for a variety of issues. Once when my hot water heater started leaking at night I called a so-called "24-hour" plumbing service. When I got their answering machine, I called Superior hoping they could respond in the morning. The owner called me that night to be sure I knew how to turn off the water going into the hot water heater; he answered questions I had about tankless systems versus a new tank and they were at my house first thing in the morning with a new hot water heater. No matter what the issue, they always communicate well as to when they will arrive and are very clear on the costs - including items that they may not be able to predict. They never try to push for something more than is needed. They explain what they're doing and why so that anyone can understand.

  Molly D in Irvine, CA


Simply amazing service!!! Jeff and his crew responded quickly when our pilot light went out recently. They came out the next morning, even though we didn't contact them until late the night before. Our ac unit just died on us and Jeff replied quickly to let us know they don't service ac units but recommended his brother. He even called his brother and shared our contact info with him. Amazing!!! The tech who came to our house to fix the pilot light (I'm sorry I forgot your name!) was nice, patient and extremely professional. You've made customers for life out of us!.

  Packers in Irvine, CA


Superior Plumbing is superior. Jeff has done work at my house twice including the installation of a hot water heater. Both times everything went perfectly. What impressed me was not only the fine service and fair prices but the expertise. Jeff explained everything carefully to me and even though two other plumbers had told me a wall would have to be opened to repair a shower leak, Jeff explained why that was unnecessary. Superior Plumbing I am a customer for life.

  Carol W in Santa Ana, CA


Couldn't be happier! I'd called at least five plumbers in OC, many of which I'd found here on Yelp. I left messages but no one ever called me back. Meanwhile, my problem was escalating. I finally stumbled across Superior Plumbing. Not only did they actually answer the phone, but they came out within two hours to clear my kitchen sink drain. The service man was pleasant, personable and sincere. While he was here, I asked about another possible problem I thought I might have in the bath tub drain. But instead of taking advantage of me, the nice man gave me some simple advice that worked perfectly. Honesty is hard to come by in the plumbing industry. I have no reason to ever call anyone besides Superior in the future. They were professional, fast and I can trust them.

  Kristine P in Silverado, CA

When you are a single female with no husband or boyfriend, you are always scared of getting scammed by anyone working on your home, so you tend to put things off and not get them fixed. When a valve issue became beyond putting off and was leaking badly on the garage floor, I called Superior Plumbing. Jamie rushed out and was at my home within an hour. The issues were repaired and there is no sign of leaking now. He explained everything he was doing and gave me options at various price levels. Thank you!

  Debbie S in Tustin, CA


Superior plumbing is hands down the best plumbing company I've ever used! George (maybe the owner?) is always nice answering the phone and he is a wealth of knowledge. We had a leak in our shower drain pipe and the company I called before Superior said they would need to cut my slab and the estimate was $2000. Will came out and said he could fix it without cutting my slab and he sure did. Saved me tons of money and his work was impeccable. I called again this week for two unrelated plumbing issues. Jeff came and the man is a plumbing genius. He troubleshot a tankless water heater with recirculation pump problems and it was quite clear to me that Jeff 100% knows what he is talking about. No upsells, just honest and quality work. Also, did I mention super fast service? I won't use another plumbing company. Thanks guys!!.

  Morgan N in Orange, CA


So... My home was built in the 70's and has had a lot of upgrades through the years. I had a polybutylene flex pipe that connected the service line to the house. It was always suspect and you guessed it, it blew at night, fortunately while I was home. My plumber, Will, came out and was extremely professional in replacing the line with copper as well as installing two new quarter turn shutoff valves. Will kept me informed about his arrival times and even dug the old line out while I was absent due to a family medical emergency. I felt the pricing was more than fair for the amount of work involved and will recommend him to my neighbors who have similar service line piping. The company response time was also extraordinary based upon my experience.

  Steve H in Orange, CA


Another call to Superior for a semi-urgent issue, another great experience with Jaime. The disaster of the day was coming home and finding a break in an above-ground pipe with water spraying everywhere. I explained that there was no flood, so help within the afternoon was going to be fine. Jamie called when he was on his way, showed up very quickly, and repaired the damaged pipe. I appreciate that Superior always responds quickly and offers advice on addressing the problem in the interim. I continue to go to them first and have always been happy with the timely service.

  Linda C in Villa Park, CA


We had a blockage in our shower and needed a plumber. I called Superior and they arrived within 2 hours and fixed the problem. Jamie was our technician. He was very knowledgeable and his customer service was excellent. I highly recommend Superior Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. Thank you. Great job!!!!!!!!!

  Yvonne S. in Orange, CA


Thank you George and company! I called them for a major problem on my parents house and they came right away and fixed the problem within an hour in a half and at an affordable cost! Highly recommend! No one could come out the same day, only them! Thanks again!

  Rima M in Laguna Beach, CA


We were impressed with Superior Plumbing Services! They answered and were at our office within 30 minutes. Jamie was great, and resolved our issue with no problem. I would definitely recommend him to others!

  Yuki G in Westminister, CA


Spoke to Jeff on the phone. He was very polite and professional. Will came by to fix my shower handle in a very timely manner. He called to confirm the appt and had all the parts ready to go. He was friendly and honest. This is my second time that I had work done by these guys and I would not hesitate to call them again. Thank you very much!

  Phil P in Anaheim, CA


Excellent service from Jamie. So far so good with the expert work from Jamie. He came out and unclogged my washer drain and my main sink 2 months ago. I should have called them out 2 years ago when others could not unclogged these. He recommended ways to prevent future issues. I had forgotten to review his work but after 2 month and the wife has not bugged me about unclogging the washer, i was reminded to post this. Happy wife Happy life:). Thanks Jamie!

  Robert H in Lake Forest, CA


I was referred to Superior Plumbing by my neighbor. I had water flooding out of the main line where my meter is. Will was sent out to repair it and kept me up to date on what was wrong and how much it would cost. After fixing the problem and checking that the water was back on it was a thumbs up A couple hours when my roomate came home the water wasn't coming out of the faucets. After a frantic call Will came right back out to see what the problem was. Turns out it was a completely separate issue. My water softener had broken and was clogging up with little red beads that was blocking the water flow. Will flushed it out , clearded the line and prevented it from causing further and more extensive damage! I highly recommend Will and Superior Pluming!

  Jan from Anaheim Hills, CA
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